The Best Camping Spots In America: A Guide To The Most Scenic Locations

When you think about the most beautiful places in America, you probably picture a national park. After all, these are some of the country’s most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. 

But there’s so much more to see than just Yellowstone or Yosemite—and there are plenty of less-visited parks that won’t disappoint if you want to get off the beaten path. Here are our picks for some of the most scenic camping spots in America!

America’s 30 Most Scenic Camping Destinations
Camping is a great way to connect with nature and explore the outdoors
The United States offers some of the most beautiful camping locations in the world
From family-friendly campgrounds to luxury glamping spots, there is a type of camping for everyone
Research and planning are key to a successful camping trip
Safety should always be a top priority when camping

Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

The Pecos Wilderness is a 600,000-acre tract of land in western New Mexico that boasts some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find anywhere. 

It’s also home to lots of wildlife and some of the best camping spots in America. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, this should be at the top of your list!

The best time to visit this area is during autumn (late September through early November), when temperatures are cool and colorful leaves cover the ground. 

You’ll want to bring plenty of warm clothes with you–even though summer days can reach into triple digits here, nights can drop down below freezing at times due to high elevation (over 8,000 feet). 

The weather is extremely unpredictable year-round so pack accordingly; rain gear will come in handy if clouds roll in unexpectedly as well! Plan on staying for at least two or three days; there’s plenty do explore within easy walking distance from each campsite if one day isn’t enough time for everything on your agenda!

Glamping is all about combining luxury with nature, and the United States offers some of the best spots for it. From the beautiful mountains of Colorado to the coast of California, our guide on the top 15 glamping spots in the country will help you find the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors in style.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

The White Mountains are a range of mountains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The range is home to Mount Washington, which at 6,288 feet (1,917 m) is the highest peak in the Northeast United States. 

The mountain is also a popular tourist destination for visitors who want to climb its slopes and enjoy its many scenic views; you can even take a lift up partway if you don’t feel like hiking!

Top Campgrounds in White Mountains, New Hampshire

CampgroundAmenitiesActivitiesDistance from White Mountains
Lost River Valley CampgroundRV sites, cabins, WiFi, pool, bikes rentalsHiking, fishing, swimming, rock climbing15 miles
Covered Bridge CampgroundRV sites, tent sites, WiFi, laundry, game roomHiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, mini-golf6 miles
Woodstock KOARV sites, tent sites, lodges, WiFi, pool, bike rentalsPlayground, arcade, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes8 miles
Mountain Lake CampgroundRV sites, tent sites, WiFi, basketball, playground, dog parkBoating, fishing, hiking, kayaking10 miles
Crawford Notch CampgroundTent sites, RV sitesHiking, biking, fishing, swimming5 miles

This table features some of the best campgrounds in the White Mountains, New Hampshire area, along with their amenities, activities, and distance from the White Mountains. It can help campers choose the right campground for their needs, based on their preferred activities and location preferences.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular national parks in America, and for good reason. The park encompasses over 1 million acres of land that offers everything from hiking trails to camping sites. 

If you’re looking for a place where you can hike through colorful canyons and see breathtaking views of nature at its finest, look no further than Grand Canyon National Park!

Here are some questions to ask yourself before planning your trip:

How many people will be going on this trip? Do they have any special needs or preferences (like allergy allergies)?

What activities do I want to do while there? Will we be able to do them all within our allotted time frame? Is there enough daylight left after dinner so that we can still go hiking before bedtime? 

How long does it take each person in my group to get ready in the morning so that we don’t miss out on anything important during our stay because someone was running late getting ready due his/her lackadaisical attitude towards grooming habits…

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and spend quality time with family, but finding a campground that’s suitable for everyone can be challenging. That’s why we put together a guide on the best campgrounds for families in the USA to help you plan your next adventure with ease.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is a national park located in the state of Maine, United States. It was established on July 8, 1916, and covers an area of 55 square miles (142 km2). The park includes Mt. Desert Island and parts of neighboring islands such as Bar Harbor and Isle au Haut.

Acadia National Park is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Penobscot Bay on another side; both bodies serve as natural boundaries for this parkland.[2] Acadia’s granite peaks rise sharply above sea level, with an average elevation just under 1 mile (1 km).

Top Campgrounds in Acadia National Park, Maine

CampgroundAmenitiesActivitiesDistance from Acadia National Park
Blackwoods CampgroundRV sites, tent sites, restrooms, showersHiking, biking, bird watching, ranger programs10 minutes
Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOARV sites, tent sites, cabins, WiFi, pool, bike rentalsHiking, kayaking, whale watching, mini-golf15 minutes
Hadley’s Point CampgroundRV sites, tent sites, cabins, laundry, playground, WiFiHiking, biking, kayaking, fishing10 minutes
Mount Desert Narrows Camping ResortRV sites, tent sites, cabins, pool, fitness center, laundry, WiFiHiking, biking, fishing, crabbing15 minutes
Seawall CampgroundTent sites only, restrooms, hiking trails, ranger programsHiking, wildlife watching, tidepooling30 minutes

This table showcases some of the best campgrounds near Acadia National Park, Maine, along with their amenities, activities, and distance from the park. Whether you prefer RV camping or tenting in the woods, this guide can help you choose the right campground for your needs.

Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

Located in Florida, Big Cypress National Preserve is a 1.5 million-acre park that has been open since 1974. 

The preserve is home to an array of wildlife including the Florida Panther (the only panther subspecies found east of the Mississippi River), American Alligator and many other animals. In addition to its diverse ecosystem, Big Cypress also boasts some of the tallest trees in the world – some reaching over 200 feet tall!

The beauty of camping lies in the stunning landscapes and scenery that surrounds you. If you’re on the lookout for the most picturesque camping spots in the United States, check out our guide on the most scenic camping spots. With majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, and cascading waterfalls, these locations are sure to take your breath away.

Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic National Park is a national park located in Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. It was established in 1938, making it one of the oldest parks in America. With its varied landscapes and wildlife, it’s no wonder that people travel from all over the world to visit this beautiful place.

The park spans nearly 3 million acres (1 million hectares) and includes parts of both Olympic National Forest and Tongass National Forest. 

Its boundaries include three distinct ecosystems: coastal rainforest; subalpine forest; and alpine tundra at Mount Olympus itself–the highest peak in Washington state at 6,400 feet (1,950 meters).

Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley is the lowest, driest and hottest location in North America. The valley floor averages below sea level and temperatures can reach up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 Celsius).

The national park has many stunning landscapes including a large salt pan that resembles an ocean of white baking powder and sand dunes that rise over 1,000 feet (305 meters) high. Death Valley also has more than 1,000 plant species and more than 100 types of mammals such as bighorn sheep and desert tortoises.

Camping is not only a great way to get closer to nature, but it can also expose you to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Our guide on the most beautiful camping locations in the United States features awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders that are sure to leave you spellbound.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of America’s most popular national parks and for good reason. It’s home to more than 800 miles of trails, over 100 species of birds, and numerous waterfalls.

The best time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains is during spring or fall when you can see all four seasons in one day–from warm summer days to cool winter nights–and enjoy some excellent hiking weather!

What To See: The highlights include hiking along the Appalachian Trail or visiting Cades Cove (a historic area that was once used by Native Americans). 

You might also want to stop by Chimney Tops Trail if you’re looking for an easier hike or Rainbow Falls if you’re interested in some beautiful scenery without too much effort required on your part (it’s less than half a mile long). 

If none of these sound appealing then just drive around until something catches your eye! Where To Stay: There are plenty of options available but if we had our choice we’d stay at one where we could cook our own meals because it saves money while still being comfortable enough not feel claustrophobic like at campgrounds with shared restrooms only within walking distance from each cabin.”

Top Campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

CampgroundAmenitiesActivitiesDistance from Great Smoky Mountains NP
Elkmont CampgroundTent and RV sites, flushing toilets, firewood and ice available for purchase, ranger-led programsHiking, fishing, wildlife watching, educational programs6 miles
Smokemont CampgroundTent and RV sites, flushing toilets and drinking water, campfire ring and picnic table at each site, camp storeHiking, fishing, horseback riding, ranger programs4 miles
Cataloochee CampgroundTent and RV sites, running water and flush toilets, campfire ring and picnic tables at each site, ranger-led programsHiking, fishing, wildlife watching, historic area tours3 miles
Cades Cove CampgroundTent and RV sites, running water and flush toilets, campfire ring and picnic tables at each site, camp store, bike rentalsHiking, biking, fishing, historic area tours13 miles
Deep Creek CampgroundTent and RV sites, running water and flush toilets, campfire ring and picnic tables at each site, access to hiking trails and waterfallsHiking, fishing, tubing, waterfalls6 miles

This table provides information on the top campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located in both Tennessee and North Carolina. It highlights each campground’s amenities, activities, and distance from the national park. It can help campers choose the best campground based on their preferred activities and location preferences.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is a United States National Park located in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. 

The park covers 818,000 acres (3,329 km2), making it the second-largest national park in the U.S., behind Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (907,000 acres).

Gates of the Arctic was established by Congress in 1980 when it combined what had been named Gates of the Arctic Wilderness Area and Noatak National Preserve.

The wilderness area was designated by an act signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on December 2nd 1978, while Noatak was created as part of Alaska’s parks system in 1980.

National parks are some of the best places to go camping in the United States. With a wealth of activities and stunning natural beauty, they offer something for everyone. Our guide on the top family-friendly national parks for camping in the country highlights the best parks to visit with kids, ensuring that your family adventure is both safe and enjoyable.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park is one of the most scenic places in America. It’s located in southern Oregon and is home to a large lake called Crater Lake that’s known for its blue coloration, which comes from suspended particles in the water called “tannins.”

The lake is 7th largest in the US, with an area of 52 square miles (134 square kilometers). It’s also the deepest lake in America at 1,949 feet (594 meters) deep!


We hope that this list of the best camping spots in America has inspired you to get out there and explore. Whether you’re looking for a place to pitch your tent or just want to get away from it all, these destinations have something special to offer every traveler. 

From national parks to state parks, these locations offer everything from stellar views and wild nature trails to unique history lessons on how this country came together as one nation under God!

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What is the best way to find a camping spot in the United States?

The best way to find a camping spot in the United States is by doing research online. Resources like the National Park Service, private campground websites, and camping guidebooks are all great places to start.

What should I consider when choosing a camping spot?

Some key factors to consider when choosing a camping spot include location, amenities, activities, and accessibility. You should also check the weather forecast and look into any fees or permits required for camping in the area.

What gear do I need for camping?

The gear you need for camping will depend on your individual needs and the specific location you’re camping at. Some basic gear includes a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, and cooler. You may also want to bring items like a camping chair, first aid kit, or insect repellent.

How do I make a camping reservation?

You can make a camping reservation online through the National Recreation Reservation Service or through the individual campsite’s website. Some private campgrounds may also require you to call to make a reservation.

What are some safety tips for camping?

Some safety tips for camping include researching the area beforehand, checking the weather forecast, packing plenty of food and water, and being aware of any local wildlife. You should also follow all rules and regulations for the campground and practice proper fire safety techniques.