The Best Camping Gear For Every Type Of Camper

Camping is a fun, low-pressure way to get outside and enjoy nature. But if you’re a seasoned camper or have never camped at all, there are some things you should know before hitting the trail. 

And let’s face it: camping gear can be expensive! With this guide, we’ll help you narrow down what exactly you need for your particular type of adventure, from tents to sleeping bags to camp stoves and beyond.

Top 10 Best Camping Gear & Equipment
Camping gear includes essential items like tents, sleeping bags, and camp stoves.
When choosing camping gear, it’s important to consider factors like weight, size, and durability.
Glamping is a luxury camping experience that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.
Essential camper equipment includes items like leveling blocks, wheel chocks, and a water pressure regulator.
There are many different types of camp stoves available, including canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and solid fuel stoves.

For The I’m-Not-Really-A-Camper Camper

The best way to try something new is to just go for it. Don’t be afraid! You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t try. 

Don’t worry about looking silly or feeling awkward everyone feels that way when they’re trying something new, and it’s all part of the experience.

If you’re worried about not having the right gear or being prepared enough, remember that camping can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. 

For example, if all you want to do is pitch a tent and sleep in it without worrying too much about what else needs doing there (or where), then that’s fine! However…

Need help planning your glamping trip? Our beginner’s guide on glamping 101 provides all the essentials to make your first glamping experience a success.

For The Car Camper

If you’re an experienced camper and have mastered the art of car camping, you know that it’s possible to pack light and still have everything you need for a great trip. 

But if this is your first time trying out car camping, or if you just want a refresher course on how it works (and what kind of gear is involved), here are some tips on setting up camp in your vehicle:

Pack light. Since there isn’t much space in most cars, it helps to bring only what’s absolutely necessary—and even then, leaving out some items may be better than having too many things weighing down your vehicle. 

One word of advice: make sure any food items are perishable enough that they won’t go bad before you leave on your trip!

Keep things organized. Organizing all those items as best as possible will not only make packing easier but also allow for quicker set-up when it comes time for bedtime (or breakfast).

 If some items aren’t already packed into containers or bags with handles on them (like water bottles), find creative ways of organizing them so they’ll fit easily into drawers or cupboards once loaded up onto shelves with other supplies such as pillows or sleeping bags—you don’t want anything falling off during transit!

Recommended Camping Gear for Car Camping

Gear TypeRecommended Brands
TentREI Co-op, Coleman, Big Agnes
Sleeping BagThe North Face, Kelty, Marmot
Sleeping PadTherm-a-Rest, NEMO, Big Agnes
Camp KitchenCamp Chef, GSI Outdoors, Jetboil
CoolerYETI, Coleman, Igloo
HeadlampBlack Diamond, Petzl, Princeton Tec
First Aid KitAdventure Medical Kits, REI Co-op, Surviveware
Portable PowerGoal Zero, Anker, Jackery
Camping ChairHelinox, REI Co-op, ALPS Mountaineering

This table lists essential camping gear for car camping and recommends popular and well-regarded brands for each gear type.

For The Sky’s The Limit Camping Pro

For the sky’s the limit camping pro, you need to be prepared for any situation. You’re going to want items that can help you camp in extreme conditions, like snow or desert heat. 

You might even want to take advantage of some of the more specialized gear available for winter camping. The best part is that if you invest in a few key pieces now, they will last you a lifetime!

Elevate your next glamping adventure with our list of 15 must-have glamping accessories. From cozy blankets to outdoor lighting, we’ve got you covered!

For The Road Tripper

When you’re camping, a good pillow is a must. The most comfortable thing to sleep on is your own bed at home, but when you’re traveling and the weather isn’t always great, there are some things you can do to make sure your headrest is up to snuff. 

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be that a good sleeping bag is essential. Also important: a tent that keeps out the elements and gives you privacy (and maybe even offers some “room service”). 

Finally—a cooler! You want something that keeps ice cold for long periods of time without having to be refilled constantly (which would require more trips into town).

Recommended Camping Gear for Road Tripping

Gear TypeRecommended Brands
Roof Top TentTepui, Yakima, Thule
Sleeping BagNEMO, The North Face, Kelty
Sleeping PadTherm-a-Rest, Sea to Summit, Klymit
Camp KitchenJetboil, Coleman, GSI Outdoors
CoolerYETI, Igloo, Coleman
Portable PowerGoal Zero, Renogy, Anker
GPS NavigationGarmin, TomTom, Magellan
First Aid KitAdventure Medical Kits, Surviveware, REI Co-op
HeadlampBlack Diamond, Petzl, Princeton Tec
Camping ChairHelinox, REI Co-op, ALPS Mountaineering

This table lists essential camping gear for road tripping and recommends popular and well-regarded brands for each gear type.

For The Rv Lover

If you’re the type of camper who prefers to be all-in, then an RV is probably the best option for you. An RV stands for recreational vehicle, which means that it’s a vehicle that was made specifically for traveling, be it camping or just getting away from it all. 

When people think “RV,” they usually picture one of those big motorhomes with extra space inside and a kitchenette and everything else included but there are also smaller versions called travel trailers that are great if you’re not interested in traveling long distances on your own but still want to go off on day trips together as a family.

Wherever your camping style falls on this spectrum of options (from freedom campers who prefer sleeping outside under the stars without any modern conveniences at all), there’s something fun about getting to spend time outdoors with nature and your loved ones!

A good camping tent can make all the difference in your outdoor experience. Check out our guide on the best camping tents for every budget and adventure to find the perfect tent for your next trip.

For The Coffee Addict

If you’re a coffee addict, then having the right tools for brewing your favorite beverage is essential.

The coffee maker: If you don’t want to take along the full-size kitchen appliance, there are many single cup coffee makers that are designed for camping.

Coffee filters: You will also need filters for your coffee machine or filter if it doesn’t use pre-packaged pods or K-cups.

Coffee cups: Don’t forget to bring a few mugs or glasses so you can enjoy hot cups of joe on chilly mornings! Make sure they’re large enough so that they won’t spill when you drink from them (but small enough so that they fit in your backpack). It’s also smart to have extras just in case one breaks during transit—or worse yet, during your trip!

Beans/grounds: If making ground coffee isn’t appealing to you, then consider bringing instant brew packets instead (just make sure they’re shelf stable).

Recommended Camping Gear for Coffee Lovers

Gear TypeRecommended Brands
French PressGSI Outdoors, Stanley, Snow Peak
Pour OverHario, Kalita, Chemex
Espresso MakerWacaco, Handpresso, Flair
Coffee GrinderBaratza, Hario, Porlex
Coffee BeansBlue Bottle Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Counter Culture Coffee
Milk FrotherAerolatte, Zulay Kitchen, Breville
Camping StoveJetboil, MSR, Camp Chef
Coffee Travel MugYeti, Hydro Flask, Zojirushi

This table lists essential camping gear for coffee lovers and recommends popular and well-regarded brands for each gear type.

For The Ultralight Backpacker

Ultralight backpackers are the most hardcore of all campers. They know that less is more, and they value comfort over creature comforts. Here’s how to pack ultralight:

Pack as light as possible. The lighter your pack, the easier it is to carry on long hikes and the faster you’ll be able to walk with it on your back.

Bring only what’s essential. You may feel like you need more than that in case things go wrong, but trust me: A lot can happen in a day of hiking or camping and having too much stuff will only weigh you down or make things worse if something goes wrong (like if your tent rips).

Don’t bring anything that isn’t completely necessary for survival and even then I’d say think twice! 

For example, there’s no reason why anyone would need more than one knife when camping unless they were cooking for an army and even then it would be hard because knives are heavy compared to other cooking utensils like spatulas or spoons (which aren’t allowed by many parks).

Don’t head out on your next camping trip without these 10 must-have camping gear items! Our list includes all the essentials from a portable stove to a rechargeable lantern.

For The Eco-Friendly Minimalist

As an eco-friendly minimalist, there are a few things you should bring with you that will be useful to any camper.

First, if you plan on taking your own water supply with you, consider bringing a reusable water bottle or two. You’ll save tons of money by getting free refills at restaurants and gas stations when camping. Plus, it’s better for the environment!

Second, if you’re staying near civilization (and therefore restaurants), consider bringing a reusable coffee mug or two so that you can get free refills while out exploring nature and adventuring. And thirdly… don’t forget those plates and cutleries! 

This is one of those instances where it’s totally worth it to spend some extra cash on quality equipment because they’ll last longer than something cheap would anyway—and they might even save some money in the long run as well due to their durability factor.”””

For The Music Lover Camper

Portable speakers are a must-have for music lovers. Camping is the perfect time to relax and listen to your favorite jams, and a quality speaker system will allow you to do just that. 

It’s even better if the speaker can be carried with you as you move around camp which makes wireless speakers an ideal choice.

A portable battery pack is also important because it allows you to charge your devices without having to rely on an outlet. 

This way, when there’s no electricity nearby, you can still power up your phone and listen to some tunes in peace!

Headphones are another great way for music lovers to enjoy their tunes while camping especially if they don’t want anyone else listening in (or hearing them). 

Having headphones handy means that no one else has access unless they borrow them from you first; this prevents any unwanted interruptions during those precious moments spent away from civilization!

Camping on a budget? No problem! Check out our guide on the most affordable camping gear for budget travelers to find high-quality and budget-friendly gear for your next camping trip.

For That One Friend Who Never Lets A Bottle Go To Waste.

For that one friend who never lets a bottle go to waste.

Bottle opener keychains are the perfect gift for campers on the go. A versatile accessory that’s also useful at home, these little tools can be clipped onto your belt loop or backpack and always be within reach. 

They’re durable, too: made from high-quality stainless steel, they won’t rust or corrode even if they get wet. If you know someone who loves beer (who doesn’t?), consider getting them one of these multi-functional bottle openers as their next camping gear addition!

For The Full-Service “Got” Camper

The best camping gear for the full-service “GoT” camper is a luxury tent. This type of camper can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a tent, but they have very high expectations when it comes to comfort and quality. 

For this reason, they seek out top brands like Hilleberg or MSR that make high-end products designed with the best materials available. 

The most important feature on a luxury camping tent is weatherproofing you don’t want your expensive purchase to leak during a rainstorm!


Whether you’re an experienced camper or just getting into it, these products are sure to make your next trip a lot more fun. From cooking utensils and coffee makers to hammocks and flashlights, we have you covered. 

If you have any questions about any of the products listed here or want some advice on what gear would work best for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love hearing from our readers and are happy to help.

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What are the most important pieces of camping gear?

Some of the most important pieces of camping gear include a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and camp stove. These items will keep you comfortable and provide you with the shelter, warmth, and nourishment you need to enjoy the outdoors.

What should I look for in a camping tent?

When choosing a camping tent, consider factors such as the tent’s size, weight, and durability. You should also think about the weather conditions you’ll encounter and look for a tent that’s appropriate for those conditions.

What kind of sleeping bag do I need for camping?

The kind of sleeping bag you need for camping will depend on the temperature and weather conditions you’ll encounter on your trip. Look for a bag that’s rated for the lowest temperature you expect to encounter during your trip.

What types of camp stoves are available, and what should I look for in a camp stove?

There are many different types of camp stoves available, including canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and solid fuel stoves. When choosing a camp stove, consider factors such as the stove’s weight, size, and fuel efficiency.

What food should I bring on a camping trip?

The food you bring on a camping trip should be easy to prepare, non-perishable, and nutrient-dense. Some good options include dried fruits, nuts, canned meats, and energy bars. You should also bring a camp stove and cooking equipment if you plan to prepare your own meals.