15 Glamping Destinations You Need To Visit Before You Die

Camping is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time outside. If you’ve ever thought about leveling up your camping experience, then we have some good news. 

We’ve compiled a list of the world’s best glamping destinations so that you can enjoy all the fun and comfort of a normal campsite with a few extra frills thrown in. 

From luxury tents and safari lodges to glass igloos and tree houses, this list has something for everyone who wants to truly get away from it all and enjoy nature at its best.

15 Incredible Places to Visit Before You Die
Glamping is a luxurious way to experience the great outdoors.
Glamping accommodations can come in many forms, from luxury tents to treehouses and cabins.
Researching your destination and accommodations beforehand is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable glamping experience.
From the US to Europe and beyond, there are countless glamping destinations offering a unique outdoor experience.
If you’re looking for more great glamping destinations, check out the resources provided in the further reading section.
Before you go glamping, make sure you have the necessary gear and essentials, such as warm bedding and appropriate clothing.

Glass Igloo Village in Finland

If you’re a fan of the glamping experience and want to see some of the best views in Finland, Glass Igloo Village is your spot. It’s located in Tervakoski, Finland, which is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. 

You’ll be surrounded by snow while staying in one of their glass igloos or wooden cabins. The glass igloos have electricity and a bathroom inside, along with hot water showers on-site. There are also saunas for relaxing after spending time outdoors hiking or snowshoeing.

To make your stay even more luxurious, you can even add on dog sledding experiences!

Whether you’re a camping pro or just starting out, our Glamping 101 guide is the perfect resource for learning the ins and outs of glamping. From gear and equipment to tips on finding the best glamping spots, we’ve got you covered!

Sea Horse Ranch on the Dominican Republic

Located in the Dominican Republic, this glamping destination is perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The ranch is located on a private peninsula that boasts pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. 

With such a relaxing location it’s no surprise that Sea Horse Ranch has been dubbed one of the most romantic getaways in the world.

The maximum number of people who can stay at the ranch is four so if you’re travelling with a larger group then we recommend you book two cabins or houses so you can all enjoy this amazing location together! 

The main house has three bedrooms but there are several other options for accommodation including treehouses, yurts, safari tents etc…

In addition to its stunning views and beautiful rooms (that have been designed by artists from around the world) Sea Horse Ranch also offers guests plenty of activities including horseback riding along spectacular beaches or swimming with dolphins at nearby Dolphin Island Park – all included in your stay! 

There’s even an infinity pool overlooking endless ocean views just waiting for you to lounge around after swimming with these beautiful creatures (or maybe just taking selfies).

Each meal is served family-style so make sure everyone gets involved preparing lunch/dinner together before sitting down as one big happy family – isn’t nature wonderful?!

Recommended Glamping Accommodations at Sea Horse Ranch, Dominican Republic

Accommodation NameDescriptionRecommended For
Villa Ocean BreezeSpacious villa with ocean views and private pool.Couples, families, groups
The Beach HouseLuxurious beachfront estate with multiple suites and private beach access.Large groups, special events
Treehouse CasitaSecluded treehouse with jungle views and outdoor shower.Couples, solo travelers
Seaside BungalowCozy bungalow with sea views and outdoor living space.Couples, small families
Luxury Safari TentGlamorous camping experience with ensuite bathroom and private deck.Couples, adventurous travelers

In this table, we’ve recommended several glamping accommodations at Sea Horse Ranch in the Dominican Republic, including villa rentals, beach houses, treehouse casitas, seaside bungalows, and luxury safari tents. We’ve also included a brief description of each accommodation and recommended who each may be best suited for, such as couples, families, or adventurous travelers.

The Outpost at Boulder Mountain in Utah

The Outpost at Boulder Mountain is another epic glamping destination in the US. This unique property is located in Utah, and it offers a truly unique experience for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Outpost at Boulder Mountain is set high among the peaks of Southeastern Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which means that you can enjoy stunning views while you camp here. 

The campground contains both private cabins and teepees scattered throughout a beautiful forest setting that feels far removed from civilization. 

The campground also offers an on-site restaurant with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as camping amenities such as fire pits and picnic tables so that guests can enjoy themselves without having to leave their site too often during their stay there!

Hiking opportunities abound within walking distance from this glamping destination; there are trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty levels available within just minutes by foot! 

You can even venture farther away if you like there are several trails accessible via car that lead into neighboring national parks like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park depending on what kind of hike (or adventure) suits you best!

For the ultimate glamping experience, it’s important to go in prepared. Our ultimate guide to glamping covers everything from choosing the right accommodations to packing the right gear, so you can make the most out of your outdoor adventure.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is one of the most luxurious glamping destinations in Canada, but it still maintains that rustic vibe. 

This is where you’ll find yourself sitting around a bonfire, drinking wine and listening to some live music. It’s where you’ll go for a hike and get lost in nature—or better yet, go on an excursion of whale watching! 

The resort offers all kinds of activities from hiking to biking and even fishing. They also have great food at their restaurant so you can get your fill after a hard day of playing outside. And there’s no need to worry about not having enough time because they’re open year-round!

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort has cabins available with either two twin beds or one king bed (each cabin has its own bathroom), so there’s something perfect for everyone here and rest assured that no matter what type of camping experience you’re looking for, Clayoquot will deliver on all fronts!

Booking your stay at Clayoquot couldn’t be easier: simply head over to their website now and choose your preferred dates then enter them into the booking form provided!

Recommended Glamping Accommodations at Sea Horse Ranch, Dominican Republic

Accommodation NameDescriptionRecommended For
Villa Ocean BreezeSpacious villa with ocean views and private pool.Couples, families, groups
The Beach HouseLuxurious beachfront estate with multiple suites and private beach access.Large groups, special events
Treehouse CasitaSecluded treehouse with jungle views and outdoor shower.Couples, solo travelers
Seaside BungalowCozy bungalow with sea views and outdoor living space.Couples, small families
Luxury Safari TentGlamorous camping experience with ensuite bathroom and private deck.Couples, adventurous travelers

Treetop Lodge in South Africa

What to do there: Hike through the bush, relax on the deck with a glass of wine and watch the sunset, or play tennis.

What to bring: Sunscreen, bug spray and comfortable clothes you can hike in. Bring something to keep cool outdoors as well. How to get there: It’s about an hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport (JNB).

Looking for the best glamping spots in the United States? Check out our list of the top 15 glamping spots in the country for some seriously stunning destinations, including luxury tents, treehouses, and more.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort on Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a luxury resort located in the Arctic Circle, with locations in both Finland and Sweden. The facilities include a glass igloo hotel and suites, as well as an ice bar and restaurant.

The glamping experience at Kakslauttanen includes activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling and reindeer safaris through the beautiful forested landscapes of Lapland. All guests are welcome to play ice hockey on their own mini-rink when they’re not sleeping inside one of their unique glass igloos!

White Desert Camp in Antartica

The White Desert Camp is located in the White Desert, a region of the Egyptian Sahara desert. This camp is located in the Great Sand Sea, an area that is home to some of Egypt’s most stunning natural features. 

The location offers guests the chance to explore this vast desert and its unique fauna and flora without having to travel far from your comfortable accommodation.

The camp itself feels like something out of a movie set: it’s made from clay bricks with traditional Egyptian architecture, including tall columns and intricately painted rooms. 

Guests are provided with comfortable beds and luxurious bathrooms complete with marble floors, showers and sinks—all without sacrificing any sense of authenticity or style!

If you’re looking to take your glamping adventures abroad, our guide to the top 10 glamping spots in Europe is a must-read. From the Italian countryside to the mountains of Slovenia, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Longitude 131° in Australia

Longitude 131° is the only place in Australia where you can camp right on the beach and watch whales frolic outside your tent. This luxury glamping site is also home to one of the best restaurants in Australia, so if you want to eat some seriously good food while still roughing it, this is your spot.

The site offers a range of accommodation options, including villas with private pools and en-suite bathrooms, private tree houses with outdoor showers and indoor fireplaces, or even an RV pad if you want to bring along your own RV or camper van. They also offer day packages if you just want to stay for a few hours at sunset (the ideal time for whale watching).

The activities available here include surfing lessons (if surfing’s not your thing) as well as stand up paddle boarding lessons with life jackets provided by Longitude 131° staff members so everyone feels safe out on the water. If animals are more your speed then you have plenty of options: go horse riding around their expansive property or explore their wildlife sanctuary by foot!

If all this sounds like too much excitement for one person then fear not: there are plenty of things going on at this location that won’t require staying awake past sundown at all times… like dancing under bonfires each night after dinner! 

The food served here at Longitude 131° has been dubbed “some of Australia’s best” by awards groups such as Sommelier Magazine; if they say it’s good enough for them then why shouldn’t we believe them too?

Ready to plan the perfect glamping getaway? Our tips and tricks from the experts provide all the insider knowledge you need to create an unforgettable outdoor experience, from choosing the right accommodations to scouting out the best campsite locations.


So now you know where to go! Whether it’s a glamping trip or a normal vacation, there are so many places around the world that you can visit. 

If none of these sound like your thing, then check out our other blog posts on what makes each country unique. Make sure to pack light as well as bring something warm and waterproof just in case things don’t turn out as planned

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What is Glamping?

Glamping is a type of outdoor camping that combines the comforts of traditional accommodations with the beauty of nature. It usually involves staying in glamorous tents, treehouses, or other unique structures.

What gear do I need for Glamping?

The gear you need for glamping varies depending on your destination and type of accommodations. However, basic essentials may include bedding, clothing suitable for the weather, and flashlights or lanterns for lighting.

Is Glamping safe for families with kids?

Glamping can be a great option for families with kids, as it provides a comfortable and safe way to experience the outdoors. However, it’s important to research your destination and accommodations to ensure they are kid-friendly and safe.

What are some popular Glamping destinations?

Glamping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are now countless destinations all over the world that offer unique accommodations and outdoor experiences. Some popular destinations include the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Can I bring my pets Glamping?

Many glamping destinations are pet-friendly, but it’s always important to check in advance. Some accommodations may have restrictions on the type or size of pets allowed, or may charge an additional fee for bringing pets.